Transporting Snowflakes.

by Anna Raccoon on December 15, 2016

The left wing bias of the BBC is often commented upon – and, in fairness, we should speak of the bias of the correspondents, rather than ‘of the BBC’. I came upon a prime example this morning which is still amusing me 5 hours later.

There I was, five o’clock in the morning, clasping my mug of tea (thank you Mr G!) waiting for the shipping forecast, and my morning drug feast, when I was inadvertently plunged into ‘first world problems’ in snowflakeland…..(starts at 9.14)

Bola Mosuro, a Nigerian BBC correspondent with a particular interest in gender issues, was interviewing the Australian journalist Dana McCauley regarding an item in the Australian news which had attracted Bola’sĀ attention.

It seems that London style taxis, with glass partitions to screen you from the driver, are being introduced in Sydney. So far so good.

Dana McCauley thought that would be a shame; she says that ‘Sydney taxi drivers are a colourful bunch who like to share their political views’.

Bola was appalled!

‘You can imagine though, how some people would prefer to have a barrier, if say, you have some right wing driver who’s taking you somewhere, and doesn’t share your political views and is kind of giving you a bit of a rant all the way on your journey – surely all you want to do is just shut the person up, or shut them OUT, and you can understand, can you not, why some people would prefer to have that option’.

Oh my! There speaks the authentic voice of the snowflake generation!

There you are, moving from your carefully curated Facebook news feed that only reflects your chosen views, to your university provided ‘safe space’ in your Uber taxi – when the real world intrudes and you have no way of shutting out a ‘right wing voice’!

Is this perhaps the real reason that Southern Trains want to get rid of the guards on their train service – those guards have access to a tannoy system! They could inflict right wing views on an entire traumatised carriage full of snowflakes!

Who else needs to be silenced or ‘shut out’ to protect these delicate creatures?

Amuse Ms Raccoon with your suggestions….

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Ed P December 15, 2016 at 11:41 am

Good morning ma’am, good to see you’re as witty as ever (even at 5am!)

Obviously rich people driving, or being driven in, large cars must be banned from roads where/when sensitive snowflakes might be around, as such ostentatious displays of wealth could upset them. (The concept of well-off left-leaning folk is quite incomprehensible.)

Right-wing newspapers must be put on the top shelf, with all the other filth. We must protect the innocent…

Perhaps Mr Mosuro should be intervieved next by a Yorkshireman, “Eee, Bola, that’s a name to remember”.


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